Chord Synth Racks

Tech Specs

Category: Ableton Racks

Devices: Analog Reverb

Version: Live 9.0

Format: Live Set (.als)

Type: Chord / Scale Instrument

Genre: Deep House Techno

I based this on Danny J Lewis' instrument for Native Instrument's Reaktor. I found it more convenient to have it in Ableton, because it leaves more room for tweaking.

They are sets, not .alg files, because I wanted macros for the instrument, as well as the effects.

Please note that oscillator 6 has a separate wave selector, because it is the sub osc for some of the presets, but not all. For some, it is the highest tone. Have fun.

Edit: I noticed I had the reverb turned way up at most presets. If you think the sound lacks "body", turn it down.