Glue Compressor: Drum Mixing Presets

Special Instructions

The download on this page is for the demo pack only, please visit to download the full pack.

Glue Compressor: Drum Mixing is the first pack Minimal System have produced for Ableton Live 9, more specifically the fantastic new Glue Compressor. This plugin is designed to, as the name suggests “glue” your buss or master mixes together to create a more uniform sound much like the famous SSL Buss Compressor.

This new preset pack is designed for use on drum busses only and includes 42 presets crafted by our in house mixing and mastering expert. Covering all aspects of drum mixing this pack provides everything needed to get your drums sounding polished.


  • 42 presets designed for perfect drum mixes.
  • All presets are accurately catagorised by type (Kick, Room, Snare etc)

System Requirements: To use this preset pack you need a PC or Mac running Ableton Live 9.