Studio Tools

Special Instructions

This is a FREE and complete packs. We hope you enjoy it.

To further bolster your Ableton Live tool set Minimal System are pleased to introduce Studio Tools, a premium effect and instrument rack collection. Our in-house sound design and development team were each tasked with designing one rack each and they certainly did not disappoint. They really did pull out all the stops and each member of the team came up with racks that are both unique and useful. Whether you are a Producer, DJ, or Live Performer this pack will give you some fantastic tools to add to your sonic arsenal.

Studio Tools focuses purely on high quality and innovative racks for mixing and mastering audio and adding effects to your tracks and live performances.

Contained in the pack are the following racks:

  • Deconstrukt (An effect rack for adding a user-definable and controllable amount of lo-fi grit and space, simply assign the macros to your midi controller and enjoy! This rack is especially useful in production and live performance)
  • MID/SIDE EQ (A 4 band EQ designed by our resident mastering engineer for processing MID and SIDE frequencies. This rack is a complex EQ utilising just 8 macro controls making creative EQ'ing easy and fun. The top row of Macro controls process the MID frequencies whilst the bottom row of macro controls allow for processing of the SIDE frequencies. Although this EQ is great for mixing and mastering with more extreme settings it is possible to use this rack as an effect. Here in the Minimal System Instruments Studio we have generated some fantastic filters using this rack)
  • Modul8 (Everyone loves to modulate sound! Modulation and motion make 'sound' more interesting. This rack has been designed as a quick and easy way of modulating everything. A particular favorite here in the studio!)
  • Drum Buss Modifier (This rack is gorgeous and has been very intricately designed. If you work with drums you will know that processing them is an art form in itself! This rack aims to help with this by providing everything you need to get a punchy drum track that cuts through yet complements your mix)
  • Pultec Prototype Compressor (Sometimes you need a compressor that isn't transparent, a compressor that adds an audible character to your mix. The Pultec Prototype Compressor utilises just one macro control, all you have to do is turn it to for instant analogue comopression)
  • Sample Modulator (The Sample Modulator rack is another modulation tool that really adds motion and character to sounds. The Sample Modulator works brilliantly on synth and pad sounds)
  • Studio Channel Strip (Here at Minimal System Instruments we are big fans of Ableton Live but feel that the standard Mixing and Mastering effect racks included with the software are not really up to scratch. One of our developers has addressed this problem by designing the Studio Channel Strip rack. this rack contains everything you need to mix and master in-the-box. A gorgeous chain of processors including MID/SIDE EQ processing, a punchy and characterful compressor, dual band saturation, and mastering reverb all controlled using Ableton macro controls)
  • Super Compressor (The Super Compressor operates in a slightly different way than the average compressor yet once you have had 5 minutes playing with it you will love its quirky operation and punchy sound)
  • Super Drum Effector (As any producer will know, creating interesting drum and percussion tracks can be both difficult and at the same time frustrating. The aim of the Super Drum Effector rack is to make the process of creating variation in your drum and percussion tracks a lot easier. The 8 macros in this rack each effect the sound in different ways meaning if you link them with a midi controller you have a great studio and live perfomance tool)

Also included in the pack are:

  • 16 Analogue Instrument Racks (With the pattern/sequence generator built in to each of the 16 racks you can quickly build beautiful analogue sequences)
  • OP-1 Synth (The OP-1 Synth is fantastic for quickly creating, modifying, and manipulating gorgeous usable FM sequences that are tempo synced to your project)

System Requirements: The Studio Tools pack requires a PC or Mac running Ableton Live. The product has been tested on versions 8 and 9 without issue. To use all features of this pack it is recommended that you have Analog and Operator synths installed.