saturn cIRcles

Tech Specs

Category: Samples

Genre: Various

Type: Impulse Response

Format: WAV

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Saturn cIRcles is a free collection of intentionally artificial and weird sounding convolution reverb impulse responses for sound mangling.

The idea behind this reverb IR collection is to offer a set of unusual reverb responses which can be used to ad unnatural textures to your sounds. The included impulse responses are sorted into five separate folders, by type:

01_Stretched – time-stretched IRs;
02_Pitched_Sperctral – layered pitched IRs with spectral processing;
03_Chooped_Reversed – IRs with some chaotic frequency filtering, like S/H in synth;
04_Distorted_LoFi – distorted IRs;
05_Resonated_Physical – IRs with metallic resonance;

Of course, you’ll need an impulse response loader in order to use the provided files. My go to piece of freeware for this purpose is Reverberate LE by LiquidSonics, a nice and polished convolution reverb plugin for Windows based DAWs.

The impulse responses provided in this pack are completely free for commercial use! You can use them in your commercial music projects, however you are not allowed to re-distribute them.

These impulses sound very cool when applied to percussive tracks and drum loops. You can get some very nice dark textures with them, suitable for industrial beats. They also work very well on pad sounds!

Digital download includes:
- Zip file with IR-pack;
- 2 demo tracks
- Cover image and readme file.

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Elo The Source

This is great lovely job thank you

posted 5 years, 3 months and 1 day ago

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