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Elo {Wolf Deathkiller} is a American born Multi Intrinsic Dark Urban/Metal Core/Grunge/Horrorcore/Emocore/Composer /Musician/ Publisher/Songwriter/ Vocalist (Sine Nefas) Elo has been noted for his innovative art & sound crafting and steadfast commitment to creative originality in nine art forms & The Originator Of Urban Alternative & TrillVapor**. He has a affinity to create all kinds of introspective dark music. Dark Music For Dark Times

Techniques Used: Re-Sampling , Over-Sampling , Down- Sampling , Hyper-Sampling , Micro-Chopping , Time-Streching , Prosission-Eq

Mic: SM57 , C414 , MD421 , R121 , IR's

Pedals: Bias Pedals , Tonebridge , IR's

Amps: Bias Amp 2 , Amp One , Tonebridge , IR's

Outboard Gear: SP 404SX , Boss DR-3 , Korg Kaoss Pad 3 , Ipad Pro 2 , ZtE Max Pro , TonePort UX8 Rack , Korg X 3 Keybord , Q - Chord

Software Seq & Editors : Reason 10 , Recycle , Audacity , Beatmaker 3 (IOS) , Samplr (IOS) Gadget 2 (IOS) , Loppy HD (IOS) , AudioShare (IOS)

Software IOS EFX: FlyTape , Lo-Fly Dirt , Borderlands , SpaceCraft , Sparkle , Impaktor , Stero Lag , RX950 AD/DA Converter , Fuzz Plus 3 , Emo Chorus , RatShack Reverb , Svep , Muckraker

Android Apps: Grainstorm Pro , Heat Synthesizer Pro , Remixlive Pro , Audiolab Pro , WaveEditor Pro , Kaboom Metal

This Sample Pack is a Dark Urban vibe, We custom created this kit with oversampling & re-sampling methods to get a organic feel
Altered samples chopped looped and added EFX's to give the samples a hard LOFI feel
Inspired crafted Drums & Melody creations from various cultures sound aesthetic
The Master & Puppets Kit is to elevate the modern sound of tomorrow and is essential to every producer out there.
A custom crafted aesthetic pack of sounds created in sound creation sessions lofi heavy bass and drums,arps,synths,trippy,urban,electronic, soundscapes