jRhodes 1977 Mark I Rhodes Sound Fonts

Tech Specs

Category: Samples

Genre: Various

Type: MultiSamples

Format: Soundfont (sf2)

This is my second soundfont, an improved sampling of my 1977 Rhodes Mark I Stage 73 piano.

The follow soundfonts are included:

  • "jRhodes3.sf2.zip": Full unlooped soundfont, with 65 samples in 5 velocity layers, sampling at least every 4th white key starting at F1.
  • "jRhodes3a-looped.sfArk.zip": Looped version of the above.
  • "jRhodes3c.sf2.zip": Looped stereo version. A mild stereo pitch shift doubling chorus effect was added, along with some compression. The effect was added using mid-side technique, so it cancels out completely when summed to mono.

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