Sytrus EBM Bass

Tech Specs

Category: Samples

Genre: Deep House House Various

Type: MultiSamples

Format: SFZ

Here's a 4 OP FM Synthbass I made with Sytrus sampled to SFZ. [Note: Update this is exactly the same sounding bass PWL Studio's used in many pop songs, so really it's a POP bass not a EBM bass because it's a DX100 Emulation.] This was made with four operators and modelled after Lately Bass but ended up sounding like DX100 PWL Bass, it sounded like one of the DX7 instrument sounds Claus Larsen used in Leaether Strip which is why it's called EBM Bass, it's exactly the same as Solid Bass preset found on DX27 and DX100 FM Synthesizers. Enjoy.