MKS-50 Factory Soundset A and B

Tech Specs

Category: Synth Presets

Synth: Alpha Juno 2 MKS-50

Genre: Various

Format: .syx

Roland MKS-50 Factory Soundset A and B

Bank A:

T-11 PolySynth1
T-12 JazzGuitar
T-13 Xylophone
T-14 Low String
T-15 LeadSynth1
T-16 ChorusGuit
T-17 SynthBass1
T-18 ElectroDrm
T-21 HighString
T-22 TeknoStrng
T-23 StringOrgn
T-24 FastString
T-25 LongString
T-26 Cello
T-27 SoloViolin
T-28 Pizzicato
T-31 Piano 1
T-32 E Piano 1
T-33 E Piano 2
T-34 Piano 2
T-35 E Piano 3
T-36 Clav
T-37 Harpsichrd
T-38 PianoPad
T-41 Organ 1
T-42 Organ 2
T-43 CheesyOrgn
T-44 PipeOrgan1
T-45 PipeOrgan2
T-46 VoicePad
T-47 sinusoidal
T-48 Voices 1
T-51 Brass 1
T-52 Syn Rise
T-53 Spit Valve
T-54 Fat Synth
T-55 Arpeggiatr
T-56 Velo-Reso1
T-57 Big Brass
T-58 Pad 1
T-61 LeadSynth2
T-62 LeadSynth3
T-63 Flute
T-64 LeadSynth4
T-65 Sax
T-66 E Bass 1
T-67 SynthBass2
T-68 SequencrBs
T-71 Bells 1
T-72 BellChime1
T-73 BellChime2
T-74 Syn-Bello
T-75 Marimba
T-76 Syn Koto
T-77 StlDrumBnd
T-78 Harp
T-81 Tron Blast
T-82 NoiseShots
T-83 TwiliteZne
T-84 Scratchin
T-85 Syn Echo
T-86 PolePositn
T-87 --U-F-O--
T-88 Timps

Bank B:

T-11 Brass 2
T-12 Brass 3
T-13 BrassHorns
T-14 FatBrass 1
T-15 Trumpets
T-16 BrassSwell
T-17 PolySynth2
T-18 PolySynth3
T-21 BowdStrngs
T-22 RichStrngs
T-23 Orchestra
T-24 SynOrchsta
T-25 StrngSweep
T-26 SoloVioln2
T-27 DblBasses
T-28 Ominous
T-31 Piano 3
T-32 E Piano 4
T-33 Loud-Piano
T-34 Piano-FX
T-35 Clavichord
T-36 Harpsi 2
T-37 AccGuitar
T-38 BassPiano
T-41 Organ 3
T-42 Organ 4
T-43 ChowaOrgan
T-44 PipeOrgan3
T-45 Accordion
T-46 Vocorder
T-47 Voices 2
T-48 Harmonica
T-51 SynthSweep
T-52 Poly Pulse
T-53 CosmoSweep
T-54 ChrusPluck
T-55 Bells 2
T-56 Vibe
T-57 Koto
T-58 BellChime3
T-61 Lead 5
T-62 Lead 6
T-63 Inv-Solo
T-64 Clarinet
T-65 Oboe
T-66 SynthBass3
T-67 SynthBass4
T-68 UpriteBass
T-71 Machines
T-72 EchoXplosn
T-73 ooops
T-74 Jet Chord
T-75 Take-Off
T-76 Whistle
T-77 Surprise
T-78 Oct Jump
T-81 Jet
T-82 Helicopter
T-83 DogsBark
T-84 WET
T-85 ooohSCARY
T-86 What the
T-87 SynthToms
T-88 Kick