Roland MKS-50


A rack-mount version of the Alpha Juno, the MKS-50 features the same synth engine and construction with terrific added features like 16 programmable chord memories. These programmable memories allow you to store the specific characteristics of any patch you create including velocity, volume, panning, de-tune, portamento, and more. The PG-300 control unit isn’t a mandatory piece of equipment needed to operate the MKS-50, but it makes life with this synth a whole lot more manageable. This external device allows for superior control of the synth’s digital oscillators, LFO, waveforms, and filters.

This synth isn’t as popular as the Juno it’s modeled after, but it’s a nice unit to add some variety to a DAW or live performance setup. It’s designed for easy MIDI integration, features a decent-sized LCD display, captivating LFO capabilities, and delivers a wonderful, clear bass tone. This might not be the world’s most popular synth, but it is used by the likes of the Pet Shop Boys and Astral Projection.

Technical Specifications

Year of release: 1987 Polyphony: 6
Oscillators: 1 DCO Multitimbral Parts: 1
Patch Memory: 32 Filter: Low Pass 24 db
VCA: ADSR Format: 1u Rack Mount
LFO: 1 Control: Midi


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Jan 25, 2018

One of my all time favorites. I use it with the Midi Club controller and it works like a charm. Love the sound of the filter and chords that I get from the MKS-50.

Roland MKS-50