FM Series Volume 3

Tech Specs

Category: Samples

Genre: Various

Type: MultiSamples

Format: ESX (Logic) SFZ

Next up in our series of FM samples is a set of over 30 FM percussion multi-samples. This set contains various types of percussion samples from the Yamaha TX81Z. Most of these sounds were made with the help of MidiQuest 11, using some of its interesting randomization features.

Many of these samples could be used across the range, creating a nice bass on the low end and some bells sounds in the upper octaves. The TX81Z also lends some grit that adds character that is sometimes hard to get from software.

Each multi-sampled instrument patch contains around 20 individual samples, for a total of over 650 individual samples. The available formats are: .esx, .kmp, .nki, .patch, and .sxt. The .esx format can be imported into Ableton for use with Sampler.

Also check out the previous FM Series Instruments in Ableton Rack format:
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If you own a TX81Z or other 4-Operator Yamaha FM synth, you can download the sysex for these patches directly here. These could probably also be loaded into FM8, but will most likely not sound the same.




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