Frozen North Soundset for Blofeld

Special Instructions

Important notes: • This is not a sample kit • All these patches are made with the internal waveforms (original microwave xt wavetables), you don’t need an additional sl license for this. • This is not an official Waldorf product, it’s a custom artist soundbank. • These patches are stored in one native Sysex file that the Blofeld series can understand. The file is small, but all patches are in there. • It’s recommended that you use Sysex or a similar alike program to transfer the soundbank/patches to your Blofeld synthesizer. Just set the correct speeds for transferring. Patches will be placed in the user bank B.

This is just a demo, get this sound set here:

Download the taster via audiobombs here.


Hi there! Thanks for your interest in my Frozen North Soundset for the Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer. It's programmed with much love and attention for you to use in your future productions. On paper the Blofeld looks like a dream synth, and in potential it is a very diverse amazing piece of gear but you really need to work it and find the right sweet spots. The trick to getting proper sounds with the Blofeld is to really work the 3 oscillators at the same time together and combine the wavetables with some v/a waveforms for additional low or mid harmonics. I call my synth funnily 'David Blofie' as it's full of surprises and it is very diverse in sound potential. I heard some of the most complex weird modular alike droney soundscapes coming from the Blofeld. As if an instant patch was a background movie score or something.. Hu? Yes. It's possible. I hope my soundset showcases the modulation/evolving side of the Blofeld a bit more than other soundsets. I tried to also make similar vibed pads from the Interstellar Sounds of Stardust library for the Microwave (check it out). Most of the presets are pads and dreamy evolving sounds with a dreamy but icey twist to it. That is where Blofie shines, is it because it's snow white?

Next to that I also discovered that the Blofeld does a great job on electronic percussion, the end of the library contains a decent section of modular alike bleeps and synthetic percussion sounds. Perfect for techno and electro stuff and ready for some tweaks during a performance. The set also contains spacious and psychedelic sound effects, the LFO's really do their work here in the mod matrix.

The first 25 patches are based on some of my original Microwave 1 patches, these do an excellent job in chord mode with their harmonic modulations for aquatic techno vibes.

What do you get?


-Evolving Pads +/- 50

-Microwave imitated Chords



-Electronic Percussion / Synthetic Drums


It is not allowed to share this library or any of the patches for free on the internet or resell them. The online cops will find you. Programming costs a lot of precious lifetime.

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