Modular Toolkit

At Minimal System we a massive fans of Modular Synthesis and the unrivalled freedom it allows the user when creating interesting and creative patches. There are no presets in true Modular Synthesis and that is why we love it, every time a modular synthesiser is switched on you simply do not know what soundscape or sequence you will end up creating.

Now obviously you cannot patch up effects and synths in Ableton Live as you would with a modular synth, however you can recreate the patches created on a hardware modular as effect racks. This is exactly what we have done here in our latest suite of racks for Ableton Live, the ‘Modular Toolkit’.

The 'Modular Toolkit' pack is a selection of custom effect racks produced by Minimal System for Ableton Live. This pack contains ten audio effect racks designed to bring the sound of hardware modular synthesis in to Ableton.

How we designed the racks in ‘Modular toolkit’

To create the ten racks in this toolkit we used our own in-house 21u Hardware Eurorack Modular Synthesiser. This synthesiser is loaded with an abundance of modulation and effect modules from the likes of Doepfer, MakeNoise, Pittsburgh Modular, Tip Top Audio, and Intellijel allowing for fantastic morphing atmospheres, stunning modulated filters, and reverbs and delays that are full of character.

We started by patching up the modular, when we had a patch that sounded great we would then faithfully recreate both the sound and control in Ableton Live using its in-built effects and chaining options. We repeated this process hundreds of times and pulled out the best ten racks for inclusion in this pack.

The ten racks in the Modular Toolkit are based around modulation, movement, space, and atmosphere. They are designed to transform your samples and instruments (Both digital and analogue) in to something really special.

Included in the pack are the following racks:

  • Modular CV Filter Bank
  • Modular CV Modulation
  • Modular Darkness
  • Modular Deep Drone
  • Modular Frequency Shifter
  • Modular Molecular
  • Modular Motion Filter
  • Modular Shimmer
  • Modular Soundscaper
  • Modular Spring Reverb

We hope you enjoy this pack as much as we enjoyed designing it (the amount of hours that disappeared whilst patching up the modular and just tweaking controls was insane!).

System Requirements: This pack requires a PC or Mac running Ableton Live. The product has been tested on versions 8 and 9 without issue and is also compatible with Ableton Live 9. Please download the demo rack to make sure it works correctly on your system.