Echobode – 36 Free Patches

Tech Specs

Category: Reason Refills

Devices: Echobode

Format: Rack Extension Patch .repatch

Type: Synth Patches

Version: 7

Genre: Various

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Finally some news from me! I give you a little 36 patches pack for the Sonic Charge Echobode owner. This kind of effect is sometimes unpredictable on some material. So I have created these patches using a simple sine wave as source of sound. Going this way you can get a good idea on the harmonic content added by this device. I should say that you can obtain really awesome sound transformation on simple sine. If you want to get a great idea on the original patch sound, then use a sine wave but you can put in whatever you want, it’s all up to you. I’ve just enhanced your range of Echobode tones. You will also find one combinator I have designed for bass sounds, which should works fine on leads too. It’s a kind of dual band Flanger/Chorus effect. Also, there is four different combinator instrument based on the same patch. These patches consist of a Malstrom sinus wave as a sound source. A Scream 4 set to tube algorithm is put in series with the Malstrom. Then comes three different Echobode followed by a second Scream 4. I think that shoegazer and/or drones sounds amateur will love these four combinator instruments. So, enjoy your experiment. Feel free to show me what you got if you use it in your project.


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