Tech Specs

Category: Reason Refills

Devices: The Combinator

Format: Combinator Patch .cmb

Type: Effect

Special Instructions

Just use this directly from the output of any device and into the console. You can also use it from the aux sends on your console, for parallel compression effects. Your choice.

This Combinator FX is a great tool. Whenever you need a nice and easy to use compressor.

This rack includes a fully functional and well callibrated compressor, plus a tape saturation knob that adds warmth and a very precise distortion. You can go from a very dynamic an clean sound to a very squashed compressed and dirty signal, without loosing punch and clarity.

This also includes the use of the wheels on the left: A low/high frequency boost and a brickwall limiter that can push the loudness a bit further. Both can work incredibly well on automation.

This patch works from reason 3 and above.