Tech Specs

Category: Reason Refills

Devices: The Combinator

Format: Combinator Patch .cmb

Type: Effect

Special Instructions

Just use this directly from the output of any device and into the console. I really recommend this one to be used on the master bus (from the console to the interface). Your choice.

This Combinator FX is a great tool. Whenever you need to restore or enhance the harmonics of any instrument or mix by choosing the song's tone. Usually the encoding for Reason Refills can take out the original harmonics. This tool is meant to restore them. Simple and useful.

This rack includes a Harmonic Exciter section, where you choose the song's tone and set the ammount of harmonics to be heard, plus a very easy to use compressor. The tone selector was very carefully crafted being a precise quick reference to the frequencies that need to be afected in order to enhance the song's arrangement and sound, plus the harmonic exciter pushes up the gain on the fundamental frecuency, plus the most hearable harmonics on it. It also includes a button in order to add extra and sub-harmonics to the mix... this device was inspired on the CraneSong hardware and BBE devices.

This doesn't include any functions for the wheels on the left.

This patch works from reason 3 and above.