Tech Specs

Category: Reason Refills

Devices: The Combinator

Format: Combinator Patch .cmb

Type: Effect

Special Instructions

I reccomend to use this FX directly from the output of any device and straight to the mixer channel. You can also use it as parallel compression if you add as an auxiliary insert.

This Combinator FX is a great tool and very fun to use. I was inspired by the classic UREI/UA 1176 Blue Face Compressor.

This rack includes a fully functional and well callibrated compressor, including: Input knob, Output knob, Attack knob, Release knob, and the 4 Ratio level buttons with 4:1, 8:1, 12:1 and 16:1 settings... (this was really tricky to program).

The cool thing about this , is that you can either use only one Ratio setting or you can combine the ratio levels however you like... this even lets you use the 4 buttons together, that way you can get to a extremely squashed compression with a maximum Ratio of 40:1.

There are no functions on the left side wheels.

This patch works from reason 3 and above.