DrTW Redominator RE Presets

Tech Specs

Category: Reason Refills

Devices: ReDominator

Format: Rack Extension Patch .repatch

Type: Synth Patches

Version: 7

Genre: Funk Various Jazz Pop

20 free synth presets for AudioRealism Redominator RE:

This download included the following presets:

80s Chimes 1-DrTW.repatch
80s Chimes 2-DrTW.repatch
80s Pop Pad-DrTW.repatch
Brick Wall Bass-DrTW.repatch
Bruiser Bass-DrTW.repatch
Chorus Harp-DrTW.repatch
Classic Pad 1-DrTW.repatch
Classic Pad 2-DrTW.repatch
Classical Guitar-DrTW.repatch
Fat Poly Pad-DrTW.repatch
Human League-DrTW.repatch
Jazz Guitar-DrTW.repatch
Octaves Pad-DrTW.repatch
Prince Pad-DrTW.repatch
Slider Lead 1-DrTW.repatch
Slider Lead 2-DrTW.repatch
Steel Pans 1-DrTW.repatch
Steel Pans 2-DrTW.repatch
Wurly 1-DrTW.repatch
Wurly 2-DrTW.repatch


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